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Welcome to Dumblebee

The advice based social network

Join Dumblebee to reach others for unbiased feedback on any personal dilemma. Or, share your opinions as a regular Joe/Josie or as an expert in the subjects you know best. We suggest the poll format to increase responses!

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    Get Advice. On any subject.

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    Give Advice. Whether it's your expert knowledge or just your opinion - people want your feedback.

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    Build a Network. Don't just stop at advice exchange... add new friends to your network.

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    Create a Community. A community doesn't have to be from your neighborhood. Build yours from the globe.

Here are a few suggested uses & feature highlights!

  • Get advice on personal dilemmas.
  • Collaborate with other members of your industry.
  • Use questions & feedback for fresh blog topics.
  • Reach real human beings for re-branding feedback.
  • Post dilemmas or offer advice anonymously.
  • Filter question topics to those of greatest interest.
  • Filter answer results to compare varying demographics.
  • Filter question recipients by industry, demographics & more.
  • Promote other social media profiles to grow followers.
  • Build your "hive" by connecting with other members.
  • Create personal lists to manage connections & join groups.
  • Add industries to your profile to be found for expert advice.